The all you need app for your coffeeshop.


Accept preorders from customers for pickup.

*Customers not waiting in line means happier customers.


Deliver orders over certain $ value, if the customer is located within pre-defined radius.

Loyalty Stamps

No need to fuss about with printing loyalty cards.

*Customers earn a point for pre-defined category of purchases.

Self Checkout

Let the customers order and pay themselves, instead of waiting for the single cashier who is overwhelmed.

Analytics *coming up

Know what your customers want. Do relevant promotions to increase sales.

Our Fees are low, and straightforward.

Only Pay for Results

Regular use of Takk is free of charge for independent coffeeshops.

We charge 3% of the sales, if payment is made through prepaid Takk Budget (guaranteed return customer).

The regular card processing fees (the latest is 2.9%+30cent) still apply on each transaction and are passed on to payment processors.