The all you need app for your coffeeshop.


Accept preorders from customers for pickup.

*Customers not waiting in line means happier customers.


Deliver orders over certain $ value, if the customer is located within pre-defined radius.

Loyalty Stamps

No need to fuss about with printing loyalty cards.

*Customers earn a point for pre-defined category of purchases.

Self Checkout

Let the customers order and pay themselves, instead of waiting for the single cashier who is overwhelmed.

Analytics *coming up

Know what your customers want. Do relevant promotions to increase sales.

Our Fees are low, and straightforward.

Only Pay for Results

Our fee is 3% of sales.

- applied only after fifth repeat order from a customer

- capped at $99 per month per location

the card fees still apply (the latest is 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction) and passed on to stripe